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missingpet911.com || Helping to Reunite Lost Pets in Fairfield County, CT
Name: Unknown
Date Found: 12/15/2017
City Lost: Westport
Species: Dog
Breed: Wheaton terrier or labradoodle
Contact: Jill Saluck at (203) 520-3841 or Jsaluck@aol.com
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Charlie or Muffins
Name: Charlie or Muffins
Date Missing: 11/27/2017
City Lost: Stamford
Species: Cat
Breed: mix
Contact: Susan Brush at (203) 517-9969 or sbabcgum@gmail.com
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Missingpet911.com is a website promoting the reunification of missing pets with their families. Notify your local Fairfield County, CT community of a lost pet using unique software modeled after real estate websites. This is a free web resource!

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