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Missing Pet

Missing Pet Alert!





Date Missing:


Town Where Lost:

Stamford, CT





Last Known Location (neighborhood/cross street):

Last seen on Wardwell St which is off of Shippan Ave. in Stamford. I got a letter which was placed on my mailbox on Dec. 6 saying that my cat had been found. The letter said that she was with another cat scrounging for food near a some garbage cans outside an eatery. That my cat went running into their daughters arms. They took her to a vet and have named her from Charlie to Muffins. They stated that they are going to keep her and have her always stay inside. It was signed simply The Robinson Family. No first name or address. This is very strange and I do not know if this is my cat or if they even found a cat. It does not sound like the way my cat would behave.

Contact Info:

(203) 517-9969 or sbabcgum@gmail.com


Charlie or Muffins is the same cat. She is a two and a half year old female that is mainly black with a white bib. The white continues from this bib into a white stripe that goes down her stomach to her back legs. She has a white spot which is exactly below the middle of her mouth. She is medium haired with yellow eyes and very long whiskers. No white on her nose and her top whiskers near her eyes are not very noticeable.