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Missing Pet

Missing Pet Alert!





Date Missing:


Town Where Lost:

Bridgeport, CT


Domestic Shorthair



Last Known Location (neighborhood/cross street):

Last seen... around 68-74 Franklin Ave in New Rochelle NY. She gets fed around that area and hides around that area for warmth. Please help me find her. I live in CT so to go back and forth to try and find her between working full time and being a mother to a toddler has been difficult. Bella is like my first child and this has been a really difficult pain to deal with. A piece of me is missing and I recognize I need help in my search for her. My reward for someone to look for her with the proof of the correct microchip is $500. I offer this reward because she has been missing for over a year and I want to bring her home.

Contact Info:

(203) 521-6038 or cece.s.parra@gmail.com


Bella-Luna is very shy but smart and stealthy. Her orignal name was Bagheera but when I adopted her at 10 weeks old, I renamed her Bella-Luna (Beautiful Moon) Her birthday is 08/11/12 She is almost 5 years old. She had a shiny coat and yellow-green eyes. She may look like any other typical black cat but she has a little mark on her nose. She used to have a collar with her name on it but I imagine it has been taken off. Her Last location was around 137 Franklin Ave In New Rochelle, NY. A nearby neighbor has said that he has seen her but has been unsuccessful with catching her. If you see my cat please do not hesitate to contact me